5 Langa Place, Lamontville, Durban, 4027, South Africa
+27 71 451 7551

What we do

Raising Awareness

We talk about dementia in churches, schools, at community events and in organizations that work with the elderly.

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Activities for clients

At our offices, we offer clients and their carers space to engage in therapeutic activities. This benefits them both.

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Screening for Dementia

We screen for dementia and then refer those suspected of dementia to hospital/clinic for a formal diagnosis. 

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Strategic relationships

We collaborate with other organizations that work with the elderly, offering them training on dementia and its impact.

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Post Diagnostic Support

We support clients by working with their carers and family and facilitate access  to services that will help them to cope.

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Dementia training

We train carers of people with dementia on how deal with challenging behaviours exhibited by their loved ones. 

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