Clients and Carers Event - April 2016

One of our main goals is to provide comprehensive post diagnostic support to the clients, relatives and friends.    


Explaining the results and implications of the diagnosis and psycho-education interventionExplainDiag

After the diagnosis at the hospital, we take time to explain the results to the clients and their carers. Understanding the diagnosis is important in the process of adapting to change and management of dementia and its symptoms. Counselling is also offered as part of service.

Besides counselling the clients and their carers also receive psycho-education as soon as we start working with them. This enables them to make informed decisions when developing the care plan. 


Care plan

The client care plan is a result of close collaboration of the families and various agencies involved in the welfare of the patient, including clinics, hospitals, BMF and other service providers. We prefer a person centred approach, focussing on what our clients are still capable of doing rather than the dementia.

We work with their carers in managing behaviours that challenge before situations deteriorate and strive to keep them active and connected with their communities. 


MeetingCentre2Signposting appropriate services

We ensure that clients and families know about all the services that are available to them and that they have access to those they are entitled to. 


Advocating on behalf of the clients and their families

We liaise with various organizations and institutions on behalf of clients and families to ensure that they receive as much support. We communicate with other health and social welfare services, SASSA and other service providers to facilitate access for our clients.





Meeting CentresMeetingCentre1

Twice a month, clients and their carers can visit our centre and engage in activities aimed at improving their wellbeing. They engage and socialise in a friendly environment. They enjoy refreshments and lunch with trained people on hand to give help where needed.


Carer Support Groups

We run support groups for carers. These provide a platform where they share and exchange ideas and experiences; develop friendships and receive some training on dementia. Once every three months, BMF runs workshops for carers and other stake holders. We invite specialists in different areas of care to give talks to the carers and answer some of their questions


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