A meeting to discuss some of the problems met by clients

Our clients are often not well off and and usually socially excluded and ignored by society.

We provide them with independent advice in an effort to meet their social and health needs. We also:

  • help them to speak up and articulate their needs
  • secure their rights
  • represent their interests 
  • obtain the services they need 
  • ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect


We work with various agencies and and authorities in the community to ensure that our clients receive the attention they deserve and that their cases are dealt with expeditiously. Some of the cases we deal with concern:


Pensions and grants - we communicate with SASSA and other agencies 


Access to medical treatment 

Local disputes 

Harassment, abuse and isolation




Lobbying government

We are working with the departments of social services and health to make sure that the needs of people with dementia and mental illness are effectively represented and placed on the agenda. We are pushing for a coherent policy on dementia from the government (local, regional or national). We seek meetings with government officials from time to time to raise issues about the welfare of our clients in the community. We also attend and speak at forums such as the Parliament for Old People and Sukhuma Sakhe. 




Registered in South Africa:  Registration No. 138-129 NPO  | 5 Langa Place Lamontville 4027|PO Box 42147, Lamontville |Tel: 0314526135, 0714517551, 0723395953 

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