A Durban Community Radio that has transformed the way BMF reaches out to the community to raise dementia awareness.


MaswidiThe show's host is Budi Maswidi, a volunteer broadcaster who take on issues that are burning in the community and discusses them every Sunday evening at 7pm.

He is seen here (right - shaved head and striped shirt) attending the 2017 World Alzheimer's Day at Lamontville.

His show extended the reach of BMF to areas they could not even dream of previously. Calls have come from Indanda, Inchanga, Umbumbulu, and  as further afield as Zululand.

This is a great show and listen out for not just about dementia but other important issues that Budi Maswidi tackles on this programme including subjects that people are not usually comfortable to talk about.




 Mar2018 1



On the 4th March 2018, family members were invited to talk about their experiences with Budi Maswidi. This had an immediate impact on some of the listeners who found courage to call soon after the show seeking help. More calls were recorded after the 4th than on previous occasions.


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In September last year clients and their carers were invited to the show. There the grannies went on air and chatted animatedly with Budi Maswidi. 

  Sep2017 1

 Mar2018 2


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