BMF was invited to give a presentation on dementia at the Mandela Day Celebrations for the elderly held by Ward 69 of Lamontville - 20 July 2016.

This was a good opportunity to raise awareness on dementia in the community. Many elderly people turned up for the event enabling us to reach as many people as possible on a single occasion.


Nodumo Ciliza and Nwabisa Nono represented BMF at the celebrations. They had with them just over 400 leaflets to distribute to people there. As luck would have it, they were helped along by a number of our clients and their carers who there to attended the function. They helped with distribution of leaflets and went around talking to anyone who had questions or wanted more information about dementia or BMF.


Click here to listen to Nodumo Ciliza speaking at the celebrations


Mrs Ciliza was given a 15 minute slot to speak about dementia and the work that BMF is doing in the community. People listened intently. She talked about dementia and its symptoms followed by how BMF can work together with families to support both the client and the relatives.


Many people expressed interest and were eager to talk to Mrs Ciliza and Nono after the presentation. Because of time constraints, they encouraged people to visit the office for more information.










Afterwards, Mrs Ciliza and Ms Nono answered questions from people. Mr Nkosi and Mary Seremo and other BMF members also helped explain the information on the leaflet.

It was an eventful day and we managed to spread the message across to many people.

The mayor of Durban attended the event though he missed Mrs Ciliza’s speech.

Judging by the number of people who visited or called our office the following day with concerns and for more information, we believe our work on dementia and mental illness in the community is well cut out.







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