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  • World Alzheimer's Day in Lamontville

  • Families talking about dementia on VUMA 103 FM

  • Living well with dementia

  • BMF - Dementia Champions

  • Community Care Givers receive dementia training

  • Relatives talk about their experiences at Izwi Lomzansi Radio Show

  • We are making a difference to people's lives

  • World Azheimer's Month

  • Support group meetings and training help carers to manage


At BMF, we work with people living with dementia, providing them with support in their homes. We also work with the elderly people with mental illness; referring them to appropriate services for help and treatment.

  • Dementia occurs when the brain is affected by a disease.
  • It’s not a normal part of ageing and it affects everyone differently with a wide range of symptoms.
  • These can include problems with memory, thinking, concentration, judgement and language.
  • People may become confused or struggle with how they perceive things.
  • Dementia can also cause changes in moods and emotions and affect how someone behaves.
  • Dementia is progressive, which means that symptoms get worse over time.
  • However, many people with dementia lead active and fulfilling lives for many years.

(Alzheimer’s Society, UK




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