Our work is expanding and so is our budget. Our resources are now stretched and yet the demand for our services is rising very fast.We do not receive any funding from the state, the lottery or from established funding organizations. We rely on donations from our founders and generous individuals  like you.

We started in Lamontville, but we are receiving clients from Chatsworth, Umlazi and Malukazi. We cannot turn away people who are desperate for help. We are therefore appealing to you to support our work financially as well as in kind.


We have broken down our needs as follows:

Transporting clients to and from hospital R  3 000.00  (~£175.00)/ month Please donate for this cause
Awareness programmes R  4 000.00 (~£220.00)/ event Please donate for this cause
Running expenses R 15 050.00 (~£840.00)/month Please donate for this cause


support transport1Transport

Chronic poverty amongst some of our clients prevents them from accessing services that are otherwise available for free. Many of these are elderly women who, for income, depend on their pensions or grants (around ZAR 1 350.00 in 2014) to look after their families who may be unemployed children (with their own children). The story of an elderly lady looking after grandchildren and in some cases great-grandchildren on her pension or grant is not uncommon. So paying for transport to go for hospital appointments or collection of medication, is not a priority for some of them. They would rather miss crucial appointments but put food on the table - a difficult choice.

ZAR 3 000.00 a month (£175.00) will go a long way in meeting our transport needs – and make trips for diagnosis and treatment possible.

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support awarenessAwareness Programme

The awareness programme is key to changing people's attitudes and behaviours towards people with dementia or mental illness. Our awareness programmes are having a tangible impact on the community and we need to carry on. 

We organize events at churches, community halls, and other public gatherings. We need to hire venues, equipment - PA systems, projectors and print publicity material (pamphlets, leaflets, posters and banners). Occasionally we hire marquees, tables and chairs in areas where there are no designated venues. We also sometimes have to provide refreshments and lunches when events are long.

Dementia awareness is the crucial to the success of our dementia programme. Please donate for this cause here



Running Expenses

Below is a table of our running expenses. Please give generously for this good cause. Thank you


No Item Amount (R)
1. Rent of office space 600.00
2. Water bill 200.00
3. Electricity 150.00
4. Internet 650.00
5. Telephone 450.00
6. Running support groups 1 500.00
7. Equipment and maintenance 1 500.00
8. Security 2 000.00
9. Volunteer Expenses 8 000.00
10. Total 15 050.00
11 Equivalent (18/07/2016) £ 840.00

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Registered in South Africa:  Registration No. 138-129 NPO  | 5 Langa Place Lamontville 4027 (PO Box 42147 Lamontville)

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