Clients and Carers Event - April 2016

Dementia has far reaching impact on relatives, friends, neighbours and the surrounding community.   

It reaches beyond the person with the diagnosis. Families find different ways of coping and we work with them in finding the best possible ways of managing the changes and make this journey easier.

We encourage family members or carers to join BMF facilitated support groups. These are made up of people who care for relatives or friends with dementia or mental illness. At the meetings they learn more about dementia and mental illness. This will make them better prepared to meet the care needs of their relatives and adapt to the changes that will take place as the illness progresses. Where possible, we invite specialists to give talks and training and address questions from the carers.

Carers receiving trainingThe carers exchange ideas and information amongst themselves, listening and learning from others with similar experiences. They share coping strategies, learning about what has worked for others and what hasn’t.


They develop friendships, pray, sing, laugh and have some respite away from home.


They are encouraged to take care of themselves and pay attention to their own needs.




We organize special meetings for all groups where they have a chance to put forward any issues they may have.

Invited guests include officials from the health departments, social services, local councillors, doctors, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, local community leaders and others.









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