Most of our referrals come from the community through family, neighbours, friends and our awareness campaign.


When someone if referred to us with concerns about dementia, we carry out comprehensive screening and assessment, involving interviews with the client and their carers and relatives. Background and medical histories play a significant role in the process of determining whether to recommend a referral to hospitalfor diagnosis. The interviews usually take several home or office visits and phone calls to complete. If the results point to dementia, we refer them to hospital for a formal diagnosis by specialists.

We arrange the initial hospital appointment and assist clients with further visits for more tests if required. In some cases we also help them with transport costs. We actively support them throughout the diagnosis process.

Our screening may indicate something else other than dementia. In such cases we refer the client to agencies or institutions that are best equipped to assist them. Again, we are available to support them until their problems are resolved and a diagnosis is arrived at.

Post diagnosis support

After diagnosis, clients are either referred back to us for post diagnosis support or referred to other hospitals or clinics for further tests. We liaise with all the institutions to ensure that all the tests are completed. When they come back to us, we:

  • we explain to the client and their family the meaning and implications of the results of the diagnosis
  • work out a support plan with the family and provide psycho-education on dementia
  • advise them on management of changing and sometimes difficult behaviours
  • encourage clients and carers to attend support groups
  • liaise with other agencies and advocate on their behalf
  • help with planning for the future care of the client when the family is ready
  • ensure that we help prevent situations deteriorating and respond to any arising concerns and problems
  • are there for the family throughout their journey with dementia

Not everyone referred to us gets a diagnosis for dementia. Some have other mental health issues and we refer them to agencies that can address their concerns. We are constantly looking to forge professional relationships with other organizations in the field of mental health.

Anyone with concerns or worries can contact us for a chat

031 836 7290 or 071 451 7551 

or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Download our leaflet in Zulu or English and read more about how BMF we can help.




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