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Our work in Lamontville is bringing meaningful change and hope to the lives of people with dementia or mental illness. The task is huge and we have only just started. We need your support in whatever form. Visit our new website to find out more: but here you can read more from the people who are living with dementia and mental illness in the community

MY Story – NOKUSA MKHATHI Nokhusa1

My name is Nokusa Mkhathi. Recently, I started caring for a wonderful lady living with dementia. I had never heard of dementia before, but BMF has helped me along and it is an experience I want to share with you here. ….. Read more

New Clients’ Group Meeting by Nodumo CilizaIMG-20160722-WA0006

BMF supports people living with dementia and mental illness. We help people understand and manage the changes that are taking place. In order to improve the quality of lives of people with dementia we try to engage them in innovative ways…. Read more


As art of our support programme, we provide training and psycho-education to families and carers of people with dementia. Understanding the changes taking place also helps them cope with the condition much better. Our support groups work with local committees to….. Read more

ADVOCACY  MrsBessieMakatini.jpg

People with dementia or mental illness are often overlooked and sometimes ignored as they try to go about their daily lives. At BMF we advocate for them and give them a voice to express their needs and concerns. We take up their causes wherever necessary and ensure they get due attention …..  Read more


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Logo1_PurpleTelephone: 031 836 7290 or 071 451 7551

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Physical address: 5 Langa Place (formerly 582), Lamontville, Durban 4027, South Africa

Postal address: PO Box 42147 Lamontville, Durban, 4027





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